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Truly collaborating ecosystems
all of participants can prosper

Whitepaper Wallet

MoveRich was intiniated for the purpose of enhancing
health of mankind and resolving serious environmental issues

Most of people give up working out in the midst as they are not well motivated
spending their own money Also, working out by me is contributing to myself only,
never to 60 billion people in this earth Global sportswear makers have a strong urge
to promote their product to as many as 10 billion health interested people.
Brand recognition to sports wear makers, my contribution to environment protection,
high reward for working out achievement, these are all strong motivations
to have me keep running without stopping Ecosystems making me healthy,
and keeping earth healthy. MoveRich

MoveRich Blockchain Systems

Ethereum ERC20 protocol verifies and credit activities
and contributions by each of participants transparently.
Data process of activities by each of ecosystems participant
has to be risk free from manipulations as it is a critical for reward.
Every single activity of each participant are exposed
with a transparency geared by unique data transfer algorithm of MoveRich


MoverRich Coin

MoveRich Coin creates a new and innovative
motivational system to distribute profits to each contributing group.

  • Token Sale 20%
  • Rewards 10%
  • Staking 20%
  • Payment of advertising expenses for
    sportswear companies 10%
  • Carbon-neutral institution business
    expense payment 10%
  • Legal costs related to global
    environmental regulations 20%
  • Team 10%
  • Total : 100% / 300,000.000

MoveRich Roadmap

2021 Q3

Business model confirmed

2021 Q4

Confirmation of contents of business white paper

2022 Q1

Blockchain Wallet Development

2022 Q2

MoveRich Listed on top international exchanges

2022 Q3

MoveRich Expanding Global Service Providers

2022 Q4

MoveRich Convention on Carbon Neutrality in the Islands

2023 Q1

Expand listing on top global exchanges

2023 Q2

MoveRich App Step 1 Improvement and Extensions

2023 Q3

MoveRich North American sportswear contract

2023 Q4

Expansion of Business in Other Environmental Areas through MoveRich Distribution


About us

CEO | Yoon Young-Doo 21, Bangbaecheon-ro 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul 070-8018-5739 ( Mon~Fri 9am~6pm)


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Move Your Body, Get Rich Now!